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Semi-Automatic Horizontal Type Capsule Filling Machine

  • Model:KDF-2HA
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Product Introduction

KDF-2HA Semi-Automatic Horizontal Type Capsule Filling Machine


This equipment is a new model horizontal semi-automatic capsule filling machine KDF-2HA
developed by Kwang Dah.
This model can choose the number of turns and speed when filling, and the operation is simpler,
also more accurate and Safe, for filling powders and granules (round granules) with good fluidity,
greatly improving its efficiency and reducing capsule loss rate. In addition, it is easier to clean and
maintain and meet the requirements of cG.M.P. and PIC/S.

It is suitable for small and medium pharmaceutical factories, health care products factories, and
hospital preparation rooms.

Max. Capacity: 25,000 Capsules/Hour

  1. The casing, tabletop and powder hopper of the whole machine are all made of stainless steel, conforming to cG.M.P. standards.
  2. There is no baking varnish treatment on the machine surface, so it can avoid the baking varnish falling off, mixing into the powder, and then filling into the capsule.
  3. Separate power and fixed-point filling make the filling volume very accurate.
  4. 100% capsule filling, no loss or waste of any capsule.
  5. Special design, using different types of capsules, easy change mold (within 20 minutes).
  6. Simple structure, easy maintenance and simple cleaning.
  7. No noise, easy to operate, you can fully learn to operate within ten minutes.
  8. This machine has a forced filling device, especially for the powder with poor fluidity, it can be filled many times to achieve accurate weight.
  9. Applicable to various powders and granules (round granules).
  10. When the rotating disk is aimed at tighter capsules, it can rotate more times to separate capsule caps and bodies.
  11. The speed of powder filling can be adjusted.




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