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Tablet & Capsule Inspection Machine

  • Model:KDI-1
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Product Introduction

KDI-1 Tablet & Capsule Inspection Machine

This inspection machine is designed and used for inspecting capsule or 
tablet which is spotty,broken,or not standard by vision through mechanically
rotatingthe capsule over 360 degrees or turning the tablet from one surface to
the other surface.The inspector can easily take out any bad capsule or tablet
and collect together. 

Applicable industryPharmacy, Biotechnology, Health Supplements, Nutritional Supplements, natural food…etc.

Max. Capacity: 70,000 PCS./Hour.

  1. All stainless shell, body hopper, and guide are made of stainless steel 316 or FDA approved material, meeting cG.M.P. requirements.
  2. Infinitely variable feeding Speed for all size of capsules and round shaped tablet.
  3. Conveying belt is special, durable & easy to clean.
  4. No noise, no public hazard.
  5. Simple operation, maintenance, and easy clearance.
  6. SUtilized stable convey accompanied tablet turning cover available properly speed to inspection two side of tablet result in less labor fatigue. Though inspecting to reject and remove defected tablets as below: Marks, black, spots, blotches, peeling, cracks, chips nicks, irregular,coatings, missing material, etc.   
  7. Capsule inspection through conveyor accompanied capsule rolling guide available to rotate capsule by full rotating to reject the defected capsule smoothly by labor. Though inspecting to reject and remove defected capsules as below: Size, color, text, dust, seal, crack, telescope, hole, dent, upper half, half only, print, edge, spots, ridge, flags, etc.
  8. Change guider from capsule to tablet within 10 minutes, vice versa.
  9. Defected medicine to be rejected recovery track and tray. 
  10. Available inspecting shaped tablet and caplet. (Option) 

Applicable to all size of capsules, tablets, ball pills and all type of solid medication.


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