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Capsule Polishing Machine

  • Model:KDP-1
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Product Introduction

KDP-1 Capsule Polishing Machine

This polishing machine is used after capsules are filled for cleaning the powder attached on the capsules surface.

Applicable industryPharmacy, Biotechnology, Health Supplements, Nutritional Supplements, natural food…etc.

Max. Capacity: 400,000 Capsules/Hour

  1. All stainless shell, hopper, and surface plate meeting FDA & cG.M.P. requirements.
  2. Excellent performance, excellent balances, low noise, and trouble free.
  3. Non-Scratch capsule.
  4. The inclination of polishing barrel and adjustable brush speed (adjust treating time for capsule polishing).
  5. Easy maintenance and clearance. 
  6. High capacity result in very less labor intensive.
  7. Longer brush clean the dust on capsule. 
  8. Reject device for empty capsule & insufficient capsule. (Option)

Applicable to all size of capsules #00-0-1-2-3-4-5



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