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Aseptic Filling, Stoppering & Closing Machine (Vial / Eye-Drop)

  • Model:KDL-980EU
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Product Introduction

KDL-980EU Aseptic Filling, Stoppering & Closing Machine (Vial / Eye-Drop)


Kwang Dah accumulated a lot of producing experience in liquid filling, stoppering & closing machine for many years. We developed the In-Line Aseptic Preparation Machine which is designed for vials & eye-drops.

It can be equipped with unscrambler, nitrogen filling, liquid filling, stoppering, pre-closing, & closing machine become a complete In-Line eye drop processing machine.


It also can equipped with turn table, nitrogen filling, liquid filling, rubber stoppering & aluminum cap closing machine become a complete In-Line vials processing machine.

In accordance with PIC/S GMP & Aseptic Preparation requirements, machine using many high precision servo controllers & combined PLC & HMI for production operation & adjustment, therefore “ONE TOUCH” will automatically adjust the conditions of production during production operation or adjusting, it is a user-friendly with high-efficiency machines.

Max. Capacity: 100 Bottles/Minute.


  1. The housing and surface are covered with stainless steel. All liquid contact parts are made from stainless steel 316, meeting the standards of PIC/S GMP & cGMP.
  2. KDL-980EU is monoblock designed & it is automatic filling, stoppering & link with closing machine for vials & eye drops.
  3. In order to meet Aseptic Preparation standard, it is without any pneumatic components & adopted mechanical transmission with servo motor PLC controller & HMI to enable the function of working station more accuracy & easier for operation the machine.
  4. The special fence is designed for reject the falling down bottles automatically before get into star wheel to make the production process more smoothly.
  5. Equipped 2 separate star wheels in front & rear of the center working star wheel to ensure the bottles in & out smoothly.
  6. The bottles transfer guide & star wheel are made from engineering plastic & they are easy to clean & change over without any tooling to achieve high efficiency of production operation.
  7. It equipped 12 precision servo motors to enable the function of filling, stoppering, pre-closing & reject device more accuracy.
  8. Two stages filling system prevents liquid spilling out during high speed filling.​
  9. The filling volume (piston stroke) controlled by servo motor, it can fine adjust for volume. The filling volume is very accuracy. (within +/- 0.5%)
  10. The liquid filler can fill the liquid from bottom of bottle with gradual upward movement to prevent liquid spills out and the forming of foam.
  11. It adopted the servo motor for filling nozzle upward & downward, it can be adjusted the speed of upward for different products.​
  12. It adopted the mechanical design with servo motor to grab the stopper or rubber stopper into bottles precisely.
  13. It adopted the mechanical design with servo motor to grab caps on the bottles precisely. It is convenient for operating & adjusting.
  14. It equipped pre-closing device to avoid the cap falling down during transporting & avoid the contamination from generated the dust due to the friction during tighten the cap.
  15. Equipped with a torque limiter under the center working star wheel, in case of crash on the star wheel, machine will stop automatically to protect the index device.
  16. The filling piston & cylinder are 316 stainless steel, both piston and cylinder are one-piece machining made without welding to ensure clean & no residue remains.
  17. The piston & cylinder are hard chrome plating & precision polishing for increase the filling accuracy & life time.
  18. In order to achieve Aseptic Preparation standard, it equipped the isolation section for supplement the stopper during production to avoid the external  sources of contamination into the clean area.
  19. It equipped the automatic supplement caps device to keep away the possibility of causing contamination for supplement caps manually.
  20. All contact with liquid material parts can be executed 121oC sterilization procedure over 40 minutes.
  21. This machine is controlled by PLC, it can detect the products & function as below:
  • If no bottles are fed then no liquid is filled.
  • If no liquid is fed then no stoppers are inserted.
  • If no stoppers are inserted then no caps are closed.
  • Machine will reject the improper product automatically.
  1. Adopt transparent safety guard (made of glass or PC material) & specifically designed for isolation gloves (Option) to prevent the contaminated.
  2. The machines can be equipped with laminar air flow for operations requiring a particle-free and clean air environment. (Option).


The operation sequence & description of stations:

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