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Liquid Filing, Plugging, & Capping Machine

  • Model:KDL-980
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Product Introduction

KDL-980 Liquid Filing, Plugging & Capping Machine

This KDL-980DP machine is an automatic liquid filling, plugging & capping machine. 

It is capable of filling small containers ( 2cc to 100cc ) including eye-drops, vials, cosmetics, & other types containers. This monoblock type machine consist of bottle feeding, nitrogen air filling, liquid filling, plugging, and capping. 

Suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutrition, Food industries etc.

Max. Capacity: 50~100 Bottles/Minute.


  1. The housing and surface are covered with stainless steel. All liquid contact parts are made from corrosion resistant stainless steel 316,meeting the standards of cG.M.P or FDA approved material.
  2. It only needs to change star-wheel, when specification of the bottle is changed. The height can be adjusted also. It is very easy to clean & maintain.
  3. The Monoblock machine is designed for automatic filling, inner plugging and capping onto small containers (eye drop ,vial, cosmetics).
  4. Accurate volumetric filling designed by ceramic cylindrical pistons , filling tolerance is within ∮1%.
  5. Ceramic filling piston and cylinder: able to wear away freely, able to be contaminated freely, with free particles and able to be cleaned easily.
  6. The liquid filler has adopted filling stages available for a gradual upward movement from the bottom of the bottle to prevent spills and the forming of foam.
  7. The capping system include cap vibrating feeding and capping with torque limiters that ensure caps are tightened.
  8. Inner plug feeding vibrator, ensure inner plug insert into bottle mouth smoothly.
  9. Automatic stop device for no bottle, no plug, no cap, low air pressure.
  10. Equipped with a torque limiter under the star wheel, in case machine stops due to crash of the container on the star wheel which in turn then protects the Index device.


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