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Volumetric Liquid Filling & Capping Machine

  • Model:KDL-950
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Product Introduction

KDL-950 Volumetric Liquid Filling & Capping Machine Manufacturers

The KDL-950 is a compact combination set of liquid filling & capping machine. 

Accurate volumetric filling designed by stainless steel cylindrical piston. This machine can filled pharmaceutical or chemical liquids, lotions, oils, cosmetics, beverages, syrups, sauces, etc. 

Max. Capacity: 60 Bottles/Minute. 


  1. Accurate volumetric filling designed by cylindrical pistons. 
  2. Easy to adjust the filling volume.
  3. Filling nozzles move upwards from bottom of bottle gradually,to prevent foam-making.
  4. Suitable for wide range liquid characteristic even high viscosity.       
  5. Suitable for high temperature liquid.   
  6. Automatic stop device for no bottles or caps.      
  7. Conveyor speed adjusted by invertor.   
  8. Automatic caps feeding design.   
  9. Friction clutch can be adjusted to exact torque required.   
  10. Perfect cap sealing and good looking.
  11. Available for aluminum caps and plastic caps,such as screw caps, press-on caps,filp-off caps,pifer-proof caps.        
  12. All stainless construction meeting cG.M.P. requirements.


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