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Fluid-bed Spray Granulator / Coater

  • Model:KDY-FBC
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Product Introduction

◆Top spray type:
Drying wet granule or powder; granulation and drying of spraying binder on tiny powder.

◆Bottom spray type:
Spray suspension on pellet or film / enteric coating.

◆Side spray type:
Pellet powder coating; suspension coating or film / enteric coating.


◆ Top spray type:
•Pharmaceutical: granulating and drying of Chinese or Western medicine, Bio-tech products.
•Instant food: granulating and drying for instant powder of health food; juice extract powder; meat extract powder; seasoning; lactic acid bacteria.
•Chemical: drying of dye and synthesis raw material.

◆ Bottom & Side spray type:
Produce pellet of medicine and health food.



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