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Fluid-bed Spray Granulator / Dryer

  • Model:KDY-FBD
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Product Introduction

For Dryer / Granulation in batch mode, the dry starting product is placed in the product container. Here it is mixed vigorously in the heated gas stream, held in suspension and agglomerated/granulated by spraying with a suitable bonding material. The product is then dried to the required end moisture content with high heat and material transition coefficients.
  1. Particularly fast drying even of temperature-sensitive products.
  2. Very effective type of solid drying.
  3. Outstanding heat transfer.
  4. Unmatched speed of drying.
  5. Gentle product handling.
  6. Intensive mixing of the solid material.
  7. Uniform, reproducible product quality.
  8. Homogeneous granules.
  9. Gentle product handling.
  10. Uniform spraying of all particles in the fluid bed.

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