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  • Model:KDY-MG
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Product Introduction

The super chip mixer in reference is a new and instant mixer applicable to the mixing of powder dampened kneading and granulation and simple operation as well as easy cleaning meet the cGMP requirements.
Powder is Charged into bowl of SMG and wetted by a liquid or a melt sprayed from the top nozzle. At the same time, the material is vigorously mixed by a mixer and chopped by a chopper. The wet granules are normally discharged into a cone mill before they are dried by a fluid bed dryer. The granules made by SMG are rounder and stronger than the granules made by the top spray fluid bed.

The unit in reference consists of the mixing barrel, agitator, chopper, transmission unit, frame and controller. 


◎ Mixing barrel
  1. The mixing barrel consists of an upper conic cylindrical bucket that drives the powder going up on the perimeter toward the center for enhanced mixing effect.
  2. The mixing barrel is made of AISI 316 stainless steel (non contact parts AISI 304).
  3. The water-tight design allows water cleaning of the inside.
  4. Raw material inlet and air/dust bag filter features on the lid to keep out the dust from flying leading to pollution.
  5. Optimal safely as the barrel lid features a safety switch-when the barrel lid opens , the entire unit stops.
  6. The pneumatic material outlet is capable of discharging the work items with a short period of time.
◎ Agitator and chopper
  1. High-efficient dry-powder mixing in 1-3 minutes it takes 3-5 minutes to have wet granulation produced.
  2. 2-stage RPM of the agitator while the SM-150 and above models of l-.stage RPM .
  3. 2-stage RPM of the chopper to be set per power supply frequency , at 60Hz , it runs at 1725 . RPM and 3500 RPM.
◎ Transmission mechanism
Both the agitator and the chopper transmission axles come with an air seal to keep the dust from penetrating into the transmission axle leading to pollution.
◎ Frame
  1. The frame is made of SS41 carbon steel and clad with a stainless steel of AISI 304 .
  2. Pushing caster and fixed stand provided.
  3. Large model complete with ladder , rails and operation platform.
◎ Control
  1. The operation panel is made of AISI 304 stainless steel of AISI 304.
  2. Power ON/OFF switch and power supply indicator.
  3. Volt meter and current meter .
  4. Agitator and chopper operation switch.
  5. Mixing timer.
  6. Air axle seal air adjustment switch.
  7. Discharge valve switch.


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