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Closing Machine

  • Model:KDK-500EU
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Product Introduction

In accordance with Aseptic preparation requirements, we developed the KDK-500EU (closing machine), it is suitable for vials, eye-drops & other aseptic products.

  1. In order to meet Aseptic Preparation standard, it without any pneumatic components & adopted mechanical transmission with servo motor, PLC controller to enable the function ofworking station more accuracy & more easy for operate the machine.
  2. The special fence is designed for reject the falling down bottles automatically before get into star wheel to make the production process more smoothly.
  3. Equipped 2 separate star wheels in front & rear of the center working star wheel to ensure the bottles in & out smoothly.
  4. The bottles transfer guide & star wheel are made from engineering plastic & they are easy to clean & change over without any tooling to achieve high efficiency of production operation.
  5. The torque of caps closing controlled by servo motor, & PLC controller, it can adjust the required torque via HMI.
  6. Equipped with a torque limiter under the center working star wheel, in case of crash on the star wheel machine will stop automatically to protect the index device.
  7. Adopt transparent safety guard (made of glass or PCmaterial) & specifically designed for isolation gloves (Option) to prevent the contaminated.
  8. The machines can be equipped with laminar air flow for operations requiring a particle-free and clean air environment. (Option).

Power / consumption : 220V 50/60Hz  1phase / 1.3KW
Capacity :                      Max.100 bottles/minute
Machine size (cm) : 160 x 110 x 220
Machine weight :  450Kg

Aseptic Eye-Drop Processing Line:

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