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PTP Deblistering Machine

  • Model:KDB-50T
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Product Introduction

KDB-50T Deblistering Machine


The new, compact Mini PRESS-OUT Universal is a small, yet flexible, hand-fed deblistering  machine for small batches. It guarantees 100% recovery rates, even for fragile product or problem blisters.

The Mini PRESS-OUT Universal handles any blister material using only a two-part toolset.  Tool-less changeover is less than 1 minute.



  1. Guaranteed 100% recovery rates 
  2. Small footprint of 620 x 560mm 
  3. Gentle on fragile product 
  4. Handles blisters up to 160 x 140mm 
  5. Only 2 parts to change                                                                     
  6. Tool-less changeover in 1 minute                                                 
  7. Fully cGMP 
  8. Increased production yield 
  9. No damage or contamination to the recovered product 
  10. Reduced production and down-time costs 
  11. Increased stock flexibility  


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