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Self-Adhesive Type Labeling Machine

  • Model:KDJ-200
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Product Introduction

KDJ-200 Wrap Around Labeling Machine (self-adhesive Type)

KDJ-200 Wrap Around Labeling Machine is suitable for many variety of bottle labeling. When labeling, the bottle will automatically rotate to allow the labeling device to  the apply pressure for labeling. 

Suitable for medicine, food, beverage, and chemical industries. Can be used for plastic, glass, metal and other round containers/bottles. With its innovative design, its operation  is so simple that even a primitive man can use.

Max. Capacity: 200 Bottles/Minute.


  1. Match cG.M.P. standard. Suitable for pharmaceutical and all other industries.
  2. Material uses Frame and main components are made from SUS304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum.
  3. Suitable for a large of product size. Can label various kinds of products.
  4. Label Applicator uses 5-phase stepper motor that accurate and stability.
  5. Could use the Label Reel up to diameter 380mm.
  6. The Reminder not changes friction-pad that brings hide dust.
  7. Auto-teach the label sensor.
  8. Auto-set the label length, label timing.
  9. Hot Stamp Printer (stand optional) could prep-print date/batch code on the label.
  10. The print direction could turn 90 without squander foil. The print position could adjust ment, and the adjustment area of print position was large that was 300mm × 150mm.
  11. The machine would stop labeling and alarm automatically when non-foil.
  12. More specific devices/functions could be optional for production line, such as inspector, Rejecter, Container Flipper, 90 Degree Card Turner, Barcode Reader, CCD Camera and etc.



KDJ-200-Automatic Labeling Machine (self-adhesive Type).mp4

KDJ-200C-Automatic Labeling Machine (self-adhesive Type).mp4


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