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Semi-Automatic Ointment Filling Machine

  • Model:KDL-280
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Product Introduction

KDL-280 Semi-Automatic Ointment Filling Machine

The KDL-280 is a semi-automatic ointment's filling machine.
It is applicable on filling ointment, creamy products cosmetic products, etc.

This machine is designed for the filling of sticky liquid without being affected by thickness of the container. The operation principle is by the motion of cylinder piston. A precise amount of filling can beachieved to ensure the exect capacity.

For dealing with the filling of sticky liquid, with high density in traditional way, this machine calls only for a minor adjustment for easy operation.

This machine is also with reinforced surface hardness for it's piston is treated with chrome galvanized. And the panel is made of stainless steel which is very for washed clean up.

Suitable for the filling of cosmetics, drugs and food.

Max. Capacity: 20 Bottles/Minute.