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Powder Filling Plugging Capping Machine

  • Model:KDFC-200
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Product Introduction

KDFC-200 Powder Filling Plugging Capping Machine


The KDFC-200 is a Powder Filling Plugging Capping Machine.

Designed for automatic packing of free-flowing powder materials such as granules, powder, chemicals, Chinese &Western medicine powder and coffee powder etc.



  1. Need only to change screw when change fill volume.  
  2. Adopt servo motor for volume metering control, high accuracy of 3%.     
  3. Adopt touch screen controller of simple operation.. 
  4. Machine is dustproof to avoid mechanism damaged and contaminated to product.
  5. The machine can equipped with automatic product supplement device(option) connect to level control of product tank.
  6. Capping machine need only change capping head to meet AL Ropp, plastic cap & press cap.
  7. Capping tightness adjustable by torgue limiter.
  8. A gradually up-moving & vibrating device during filling.
  9. Need only clange star wheel and adjust machine height when change bottle size. 
  10. With safety device to stop the machine when bottle jam in star wheel or use manual adjust hand wheel. 
  11. Adopt stepless speed motor for various operation speed.
  12. The machine may operate alone or connect to auto labeling machine or auto cartooning machine.
  13. Adopt brake clutch and index for accurate bottle infeed, positioning and capping automatically, meet G.M.P requirement.
  14. Capacity differ from bottle neck size and physical property of powder, the actual capacity will obtain by final trial running, the data below only for reference.
  15. If fill 50~100g with APFC-200, need final trial running to check the performance with differ bottle neck and powder, and need install a automatic product supplement device.