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Desiccant Inserts

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Product Introduction

Desiccant Inserts

Desiccant inserts are small components filled with desiccant canister designed to rest in the screw-on caps of bottle containers, including those designed with 
tamper-evident and child-resistant features.

1.Desiccant inserts fit tightly within container caps, eliminating concerns about customer confusion, mistaken usage or accidental ingestion.
2.Desiccant inserts also maximize packaging efficiency by eliminating the cost and process of inserting desiccants into the packaging itself.
3.Available to enhance quality of products.
4.Preserve products in the bottle free from moisture constantly.
5.PE gasket meet FDA & c.G.M.P. Requirements. 

Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Powdered formulations, Other applications where a loose desiccant is unexpected desiccant inserts could apply at all size of container.


Desiccant inserts can be customized according customer's request. 
Desiccant inserts are available for cap's inner diameter with 37 &  43 m/m



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